Bill Haney Confronts Ryan Garcia Over Failed VADA Tests

During an Instagram Live, Bill Haney confronted Ryan Garcia over his failed VADA tests for Ostarine.

Garcia’s win over Bill’s son Devin Haney was declared a no-contest as Garcia received a one-year ban. Garcia maintained he was innocent, denying intentional usage. However, strict liability meant that boxers are still responsible for what they put in their body.

Devin has sued Garcia for loss of future earnings, arguing his brand has been damaged, in getter the bigger fights. Now, Bill confronted Garcia over the failed tests. He asked Garcia why he pleaded guilty if he was innocent, as well as the substance that had the ostarine. Garcia’s answers still left Bill dissatisfied.

“I’m saying it to your face. I never cheated, I never would cheat, I’ve never cheated in my career. Whatever I got popped for, had to be tainted and I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what nobody say, I know I never cheated in my life. And I put that on my mom that has cancer.

“It was either that or I go to the court, or the hearing, and even if I win the hearing they said that no matter what they could suspend me. So I just took the year and said whatever. I know I didn’t cheat, I don’t need to cheat…Scooter gave me the supplements, I took the supplements, and then I tested positive. I don’t know what he gave me. I’m being real with you, I don’t even got to be on this live. I’m being real,” Garcia

“Ryan, that sounds like a lie, right? Because you’ve been so informative to the people about everything, you would let us know, okay, it’s Scooter the one that slipped the…[stuff] on you or is it the company?” Bill


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