Cain Velasquez Trial Delayed, Plea Deal Under Consideration

The ex-two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez’s attempted murder trial has been delayed.

Velasquez spent time behind bars in 2022 over charges relating to an incident where the defendant chased Harry Goularte, an alleged child sex offender, in his car. Harry was accused of assaulting Velasquez’s son at a daycare owned by Goularte’s mother.

Velasquez reportedly fired shots with a handgun from his car as Velasquez hit Goularte’s stepfather, Paul Bender. While Bender did not suffer life-threatening injuries, it was enough for Velasquez to get apprehended by the authorities. Velasquez was released on a $1 million bail bond. Velasquez could get a life prison sentence if found guilty. 

Unfortunately, the process will take longer after the trial was delayed due to the failure to obtain the relevant records. On February 14, Velasquez appeared at two Santa Clara County, Calif., courtrooms. In the first courtroom, Velasquez’s attorney, Renee Hessling, wanted the UFC records. Since nothing was received, Judge Shella Deen requested the records, with a new court date set for March 6.

The other incident related to records from the daycare. Hessling and the Goularte family’s attorney argued over the records, leaving the judge to set a new date for April 17. The two delays meant Judge Benjamin Williams postponed the trial date for April 24 unless Velasquez’s team reached a resolution, such as a plea deal. Either way, the case continues to drag on.


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