Canelo Interested In Fighting In The U.K.

While Canelo Alvarez is considered one of the top boxers in the world, he has yet to show his skills globally. Even with DAZN showcasing his fights against some of the top athletes in the world, Canelo has not left North America for fights. Perhaps that will be changing sooner than we think.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Golden Boy President Eric Gomez stated that Canelo (53-1-2) would like to travel for fights down the line. Like most great fighters, he is interested in expanding his fanbase and his legacy.

“He (Canelo) wants to fight abroad and we have discussed with him fighting in Japan, a homecoming in Mexico, and the UK,” Gomez stated. “He has considered all of those options and, before he retires, he will fight abroad.”

When it comes to those specific countries mentioned, Canelo has had options for fighters out of the area. There were rumors of a bout between him and Ryota Murata in Japan before talks fell through. Recent discussions had Canelo face Billy Joe Saunders for the latter’s WBO Super-Middleweight Title. While not official, a summer plan was thought about until Saunders had his boxing license suspended following a controversial video.

One of the most recent bouts associated with Canelo is a Gennadiy Golovkin trilogy fight. Rumored for September, that fight may be in the United States.

Anthony Joshua is the most recent example of an established star entering a new atmosphere to showcase their talent. Primarily a U.K. fighter, he took over Madison Square Garden for a bout against Andy Ruiz Jr. After that, Saudi Arabia welcomed him. Branding is key, and that’s how Gomez see’s it.

“It’s about his brand,” Gomez went on to say. “He wants to become a more international star, not just fighting in the US. He wants to become an even bigger star than he is now. He has fans all over the world and he wants to build on that.”

As far as the United Kingdom goes, Canelo has expressed interest in heading over there first. Regardless of the opponent, Gomez believes any fight will be enticing in the area.

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