Chris Weidman Wants Logan Paul’s PRIME Equity To Be Given To UFC Fighters

Chris Weidman, a middleweight from the UFC, has a proposal for the use of Logan Paul’s PRIME stock.

PRIME may be of the most talked-about drinks at the moment, and the same could have been said for Logan’s brother, Jake Paul.

He recently squared off against Tommy Fury. Unfortunately, Paul was outclassed and lost in a split decision. This defeat could end up costing Logan a lot of money.

Before the bout, Logan said he was willing to risk his shares in PRIME on his brother’s success.

After his brother’s misfortune, Logan went to Twitter to inquire as to who would like to have his equity. That is when Weidman had a plan. He proposed that Logan give the equity to the fighters.

After all, the Paul brothers have displayed enthusiasm for assisting UFC fighters. Admittedly, he doesn’t anticipate that the YouTuber will act on this idea.

“He said he’d bet his equity in that to anyone who wanted it, that Jake Paul would win this fight. After the fight, he said, ‘Who wants it’.

“I’m sure he’s just messing around but either way, I know his brother Jake Paul is about MMA fighters being taken care of.

“He would approve of this: Take your equity and give it to all the UFC fighters, split it all up. Let’s not forget back in the day we had sponsors on our shorts, they took everything away,” Weidman.

That is why the UFC has struggled to hold on to its stars, most recently shown by Francis Ngannou who is considering boxing, with reports of huge offers on the table.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor’s crossover fight with Floyd Mayweather showed that too.

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