Commissions Meet To Discuss Health Of Karate Competitors

In light of recent events, members of the five Continental Federations met during the weekend of the most recent Karate 1-Premier League to talk about the health of its athletes.

World Karate Federation Medical Commission chairperson Rafael Arriaza met with a number of medical professionals prior to the event last week in Salzburg. Along with those around the world, high-profile officials were involved. Those officials included Karate 1-Premier League organizer Georg Russbacher, EKF Medical commission chairperson Isabel Moreno and World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinos.

The idea of the event was to talk about safety and the best practices to use regarding the competitors in action.

“The safety and well-being of our athletes is our number one priority. The Medical Commissions in our five continental federations play the most relevant role in ensuring that our stars can progress in the sport and that they can safely showcase their abilities without having their security compromised. I really appreciate the hard work and efforts of all the doctors here in Salzburg and I hope that with their help we can continue looking to the future of our sport,” said Espinos in a press release.

While not directly related, this meeting comes in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the latest from CNN, over 100,000 cases have been reported since the virus came to be in China with over 3,300 deaths. Just recently, the International Judo Federation cancelled the Judo Grand Prix set to take place in Rabat.  As of now, the Karate 1-Premier League in Rabat, Morocco during the weekend of March 15 is still on.

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