Conor McGregor Accepts Date For Dustin Poirier Rematch

Conor McGregor is aware of the proposed date for a rematch with Dustin Poirier and he has accepted.

McGregor and Poirier have been teasing a rematch for a while. The “Notorious” one wanted to go outside the UFC for an exhibition bout with Poirier. The idea was for the proceeds to go to charity. Once the UFC caught wind of the plan, an official fight was offered to both men.

Initially, McGregor said he’d only accept the fight if it takes place before 2020 comes to a close. UFC President Dana White said he offered the former UFC “champ-champ” and Poirier a January 23 date. White said the remainder of 2020 was full, which is why he had to settle on a 2021 date.

McGregor took to his Twitter account to accept the date.

“I accept, Jan 23rd is on!  My goal is to see this fight take place in Cowboy stadium. Proper Style! Jerry Jones is a friend and the stadium can hold our crowd. I will be ready for Texas and Texas will be ready for my fans!  Then Manny.”

McGregor is hoping to meet Manny Pacquiao in a boxing match sometime in 2021. “Mystic Mac” claimed he will be fighting “PacMan” in the Middle East. He even uploaded a poster, which he later took down. White claimed McGregor was facing legal action from Saudi Arabia if he didn’t take the poster down.

Poirier shared his theory that McGregor wants to fight him to prepare for a southpaw. McGregor confirmed that “The Diamond’s” hunch is correct.

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