Conor On Fury: Seems Nice, Never Met Him

A few months ago Tyson Fury said he’d spoken with Conor McGregor about training him for a mixed martial arts debut at some point in the future.

Conor McGregor has absolutely no recollection of that conversation or ever meeting the challenger to Deontay Wilder’s WBC world heavyweight championship.

“[Fury has] got a good tough fight, Deontay is a powerful guy. But I think if he keeps his mind strong and keeps his playfulness in there and his sharpness and his elusiveness, I think he can do the job,” McGregor told BT Sport of Wilder and Fury’s February 22nd rematch.

“I know Tyson’s been talking about it a lot… [he said] me and him spoke and I said that I would train him. I’d never spoken to Tyson in my life, but it’s not a bad little story so I let it roll. Tyson’s a good man, I like Tyson. He’s a great boxer, a phenomenal boxer, probably the best natural boxer in the heavyweight division at this time. So who knows,” McGregor said of Fury’s aforementioned comments.

“I don’t think he’s just saying he would do it, then not do it like a lot of them do, I say Tyson probably would do it in time. Maybe we could set something up, I’m not going to be holding mitts for him or anything, but if he wanted to be trained by me or even educated by me, I’d need to see him in certain positions or situations. I need to see him spar a heavyweight. I need to see him deal with the leg kicks. I’d need to see him in the bottom position and then I’d assess that and off he’d go. That would be something I could do for Tyson.”

“I found it funny he said we’d hugged and all this, I’ve never spoken to Tyson in my life,” McGregor confirmed. “He’s a mad man, Tyson. It’ll be cool that he’s going to be there [at UFC 246].”


Transcribed by Boxing Scene

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