Errol Spence Ridicules The Latest Conor Benn Case Update

Errol Spence Jr. has trolled Conor Benn’s response to his two failed tests for Clomiphene. 

According to reports, Benn will present his defence to UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control in an attempt to avoid a strict-liability ban.

UKAD had suspended him in March, pending the investigation. It is claimed that he has enlisted the help of executive coach Rene Carayol MBE and Dr Mohammed Enayat to put forward a defense. 

And the latter made it clear that he was confident with the findings. 

“Without a question of doubt we’ve proved it’s contamination, 100 per cent,” Enayat

Those comments got the attention of Spence in light of Benn’s prior comments about the reason why he had tested positive. 

The latter previously denied having anything in his system by refusing to accept the findings of the WBC, who claimed that the elevated levels of Clomiphene could have been due to eating excessive eggs.

Instead, Benn was adamant that there was a flaw in the testing system. So the fact that contamination is now being bandied about suggests a u-turn in the approach. 

And now Spence has taken to social media to express his disbelief by mocking the Brit via a laughing-GIF post.

Much in the same way, the social media response was damning towards Benn’s conduct. 

Social Media Reaction


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