Gene Tunney Defends Heavyweight Title In Famous ‘Long-Count’ Fight – September 22, 1927 (This Day In Boxing History)

The famous “long-count” fight happened 94 years ago today.

Gene Tunney (65-1-1, 48 KOs) successfully defended his National Boxing Association – now WBA — heavyweight boxing title against Jack Dempsey (53-6-8, 43 KOs) for the second time just a year apart.

Tunney is regarded as one of the most intellectual boxers because of his love for reading and a skilled boxer who excelled in defense. In the traditional pre-fight exchange of slander, Dempsey called Tunney a “big bookworm.”

Tunney won the rematch via unanimous decision, but it was controversial because of a longer-than-usual count in the seventh round, which allowed Tunney more time to recover from Dempsey’s left hook.


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