Hakuho stays perfect at Kyushu Basho

Yokozuna Hakuho improved his record at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament to a perfect 3-0 on Tuesday, the third day of the meet.

It wasn’t easy for the Mongolian champion, who was given all he could handle by Egyptian maegashira Osunaarashi. Hakuho forced the giant Egyptian to the edge of the ring early, but Osunaarashi was able to get out from the yokozuna’s grip. He wasn’t as lucky the second time as Hakuho was able to force him out sending Osunaarashi to his second loss.

Kotoshogiku (3-0) joined Hakuho at the top of the table by handing Yoshikaze his first loss of the Basho. 

After dropping his opener, Kakuryu won his second match in a row by defeating Mongolian compatriot Ichinojo. Yokozuna Harumafuji also was in the winner’s circle on Tuesday, beating Aoiyama after a conference overruled a decision that originally declared the Harumafuji the loser.

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