Hakuho Wins 40th Career Title

Hakuho clinched the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Saturday, the 40th tournament won for for the Mongolian champion.

Hakuho walked away with the title after losses from Hokutofuji and Okinoumi. Both competitors were one win behind the eventual champion, who’d go on to defeat Endo.

Hokutofuji almost won his match, but Onosho slipped away and pushed Hokutofuji out by using the maegashira’s own momentum.

Okinoumi, meanwhile, was defeated by top-ranked maegashira Tamawashi. Okinoumi was forced back on the initial charge, but forced his way back. But Tamawashi was able to slap Okinoumi down to the floor to secure the win.

When asked how he felt following the victory, Hakuho was glad to have met a goal he set earlier in the year.

“I was motivated (after my two challengers’ defeats), and I was able to execute my techniques,” Hakuho said.

“In March, at a meeting of my support group much was made of winning a 40th championship this year. I was able to make it in my final chance and I’m happy with the accomplishment.”

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