Haney Open To Fighting Tank On One Condition

Devin Haney is open to having a big fight against Gervonta Davis at junior welterweight.

The latter recently returned to training following his release from prison, with question marks over who he could face next. Haney has thrown his name into the hat provided that the bout occurs at 140. And yet, Davis has shown that he can demand rehydration clauses against bigger fighters. The bout against Ryan Garcia had shown that as the 10-pound rehydration clause was not well received. At the same time, Davis has fought at 140 without such clauses as shown with the Mario Barrios fight. And that is something Haney would want in any given fight.

“It would have to happen at 140 lbs. He’s fought at 140 lbs before; he beat Mario Barrios at 140 lbs. It would make the most sense for it to be at 140 lbs,” Haney

Outside of that, Haney is keen on moving up to 147 provided that he gets the best of Regis Prograis moving forward. The ‘Dream’ will aim to become a two-weight world champion when he takes on Prograis for his WBC belt at 140. The question marks heading into the fight are whether Haney’s power can be respected at 140 pounds.

Despite being undefeated in 30 fights, Haney only has 15 stoppages. In comparison, Prograis is known for being a heavy hitter, with 24 stoppages in 29 wins. But given that Haney has been campaigning mostly at 135, a weight class that he has spoken about struggling to make, moving up in weights was always the goal. And Haney referenced Floyd Mayweather’s ability for not being the biggest puncher, but still successful at the higher weights, as an example for himself moving forward.

“People said Floyd [Mayweather] couldn’t punch, and he’s arguably the best ever. 135 was hard for me to make, and once I let my body fill out, I gained even more weight than I anticipated. 147 is definitely in the near future, but we’re right here at 140. I want to take over this division, and 147 is definitely next.

“I think all around the board, I’m getting faster, better, stronger because my body has fuel in it. I was depleting myself so much, making the weight. “I thought I was fast, and I thought I was strong, but now that I’m seeing that my body has everything that it needs, I feel stronger and faster. All around the board, I’m a better fighter,” Haney

A move up to welterweight could open up doors for Haney to win further titles. Terence Crawford is expected to vacate at some point moving forward, which would potentially give Haney a title shot if he can manage to become a super champion at 140.

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