HIT IT Will Be Available On PPV

The October 29th Event Will Stream Live On The Official Website

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The Heavyweight Kickboxer Rico Verhoeven is nicknamed ‘The King of Kickboxing’ for good reasons: he is undefeated in almost ten years – reigning Glory Kickboxing Heavyweight world champion with 11 defenses, unbeaten in his last 21 fights.

Verhoeven recently opened up his own car dealership, but he is also set to debut as an event promoter. On Saturday October 29th 2022 his HIT IT event takes place in the big Rotterdam Ahoy arena with performances by dancers and musicians all mixed up with some world class Kickboxing fights.

TV commentator for the event will be none other than Mr. Perfect Ernesto Hoost, who is a legend of K-1, when K-1 was the Formula 1 off Kickboxing. Hoost went on to win the K-1 World Grand Prix four times as the only fighter in the world.


Alistair Overeem and Rico Verhoeven confrontation at Glory Collision 4


Hesdy Gerges will fight Verhoeven for the third time in his farewell fight. A lot of pundits are speculating if this is also the last fight of Verhoeven, or if he is actually going to defend his belt against Alistair Overeem. With a promotion company and a car dealership being a professional fighter is not sustainable.


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The HIT IT event will be streamed live on the official website as pay-per-view.

Injuries are part of all sports and Kickboxing is no different. Over the past few days FIGHT SPORTS has reported on several injuries affecting the ONE on Prime Video 3 and ONE 162 events. HIT IT has also been forced to find a replacement a few weeks before the show taking place, as Lorena Klijn has withdrawn due to personal circumstances. She was supposed to fight in the co-main event against Denise Kielholtz. According to the Dutch martial arts news website Vechtsportinfo, the Italian Laura Pileri is replacing Klijn.


Rico Verhoeven Highlight

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