JSA Announces Third Party Investigation

After a year where scandals and bar fights marred the sport, the Japan Sumo Association is looking to make sweeping reforms.

As reported by the Japan Times on Thursday, the Japan Sumo Association announced Thursday that a third-party committee has convened and will question every member of the JSA.

“Our goal is the preservation of sumo,” committee chairman Keiichi Tadaki, a former prosecutor general, told a news conference at Ryogoku Kokugikan. “It is important to grasp the reality (of the situation).”

With a list reaching as many as 900 people will be included in the inquiry. The list includes active wrestlers and elders, and the committee indicated it will establish a comment box to allow former association members to submit reports of past incidents.

The committee  which was established on February 1st, will also consider the causes of the assault that led to the retirement of Mongolian yokozuna Harumafuji.


Original Story: Japan Times

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