PFL Launches PFL Africa With Francis Ngannou As Chairman

PFL Africa has launched with Francis Ngannou serving as the Chairman, with the regular season starting next year.

Ngannou left the UFC last year and signed a deal with the PFL. The deal included becoming the Chairman of PFL Africa. He was also allowed to box, which he took up by facing Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. While he is scheduled to make his PFL debut, he has not taken it up yet. PFL Africa joins PFL Europe and PFL MENA as part of the PFL’s growing brand. PFL Africa will see the best African fighters competing.

“I am excited and honored to serve as Chairman of PFL Africa, a league that will shape the very foundation of African MMA. As we have seen, there is a great wealth of talent in Africa just waiting to be given a global stage. I am so very proud to give back to my homeland and to provide great content to a region with such a passionate and diverse fanbase,” Ngannou


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