This Is Why Devin Haney Doesn’t Review His Sparring Tapes

Devin Haney is only 23, but the unbeaten streak and championship wins he has gathered in his career so far speak volumes of his stature.

The WBC titlist is set to defend his strap against “interim” WBC lightweight titlist Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz Jr. The super-fight has been scheduled for Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Ranked No.4 in ESPN’s lightweight rankings, Haney (26-0, 15 knockouts) hasn’t yet been beaten by anyone and is confident to maintain the record against Diaz Jr. In a recent interview, he revealed how hard he can get with himself during training sessions.

“I would do 10 things right and get on myself about the one mistake I made. Sometimes I used to dwell on mistakes in the past, but lately this camp, I’ve been better at working on the things I see,” Haney explained.

“It’s why I don’t like reviewing tapes of my sparring. I’m way too hard on myself. But I’m getting better. I’ll see my footwork off the tape and go immediately at fixing it, or I’ll see something I don’t like and I’ll work on it the next day.”

Haney doesn’t want to repeat the mistake he committed against Jorge Linares in the May fight. He went on to clinch the victory by decision, but Linares troubled him on a couple of occasions.

“This is what I learned about the Linares fight. I got too lax, I got too comfortable,” the champ continued. “I was having my way when some trouble came. I won’t make that mistake again. People watching this will see the best Devin Haney there is.”

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