Karate 1-Premier League In Rabat Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

Once the Judo Grand Prix in Rabat, Morocco was cancelled due to the coronavirus, it was only a matter of time before all major events there would be altered. The World Karate Federation just announced that the Karate 1-Premier League, set to take place during the weekend of March 15 in Rabat, was also cancelled.

The WJF stated the following in a release:

“The cancellation of the event has been taken upon the decision of the Moroccan authorities to take extraordinary measures to control the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country. All international sports competitions have been cancelled in Morocco, and the World Karate Federation has just received the communication from the Moroccan government regarding the Karate event to be held in Rabat next week.

“Due to this unexpected circumstance, the World Karate Federation in coordination with the International Olympic Committee is working through its Olympic Planning Commission and the Executive Committee to find adequate solutions for any eventual adjustments on the Olympic Qualification System.”

The news comes after a recent meeting between karate commissioners. World Karate Federation President, the organizer of the Karate 1-Premier League and others met with World Karate Federation Medical Commission chairperson Rafael Arriaza. Topics from the meeting included the health and safety of the athletes. The last Karate 1-Premier League took place in Salzburg.

The coronavirus, which started in China, just recently hit Morocco. According to CNN, over 105,000 people have been infected with the virus, with over 3,500 deaths.

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