Keith Thurman Slams Bob Arum: ‘You’re One Of The Worst Promoters In The Game’

Former welterweight champion Keith Thurman has some strong words for Bob Arum.

Thurman fights under Premier Boxing Champions. It’s the same promoter of WBC and IBF Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. Many fight fans and media members want to see Spence take on WBO titleholder and Top Rank’s Terence Crawford but the requested purse split from Spence’s camp has proven to be an issue.

Arum recently criticized PBC for putting on “unsuccessful” pay-per-view events. Thurman has heard enough and he took to a live chat on social media to blast Arum.

“F*ck Bob Arum. That’s what’s gonna happen. F*ck Bob Arum. Why you talkin’ sh*t, Bob? Keep your god damn mouth shut. Keep your god damn mouth shut, Bob. You want a cheap ass fight? I’ll punch you in your sh*t for free, how bout that? That’s the only cheap ass sh*t you’re gonna get out of me. I’ll give you a free lick, boy.

“Bob, you’re a piece of sh*t. You’re one of the worst f*cking promoters in the game. All of your great fighters left your ass. Crawford, he about to leave your ass. It ain’t my fault you can’t afford a great fight. You cheap as sh*t. You can barely pay your own fighters good money. That ain’t my fault.”

Thurman went on to claim that Arum can’t afford to deal with PBC fighters because the money doesn’t stack up. He even went as far as to say he’s worth more money than Crawford but he blames Arum entirely for it. Thurman gave Crawford his due, saying “Bud” wants to fight big names such as Spence and Shawn Porter.

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