Pakistan’s Abbas: ‘A Good Sportsperson Never Gives Up’

Just recently, Saadi Abbas lost his apartment building to a fire. Luckily, there were no casualties on his end. He shared the post to fans to keep everyone updated on his status, as he has done many times during the coronavirus pandemic. It is one of the many things he is doing to be interactive.

Abbas became the only karate competitor from South Asia who has won a gold medal at an Asian Karate Championship. A multi-time gold medalist (Asian Karate Championships and the Commonwealth Karate Championships), Abbas told Geo News that he has been training nonstop to stay in shape. With one session for physical and strength training and one session of Karat, he has encouraged others to do the same.

“Athletes are always motivated and eager to move ahead,” Abbas stated. “A good athlete is the one who always gets up after being knocked down. A good sportsperson never gives up. This time it’s no different. We shouldn’t give up.”

One of the top competitors of the −75 kg weight class, Abbas has managed to utilize what he has learned from karate to maintain a balance in his life. While several Karate 1-Premier League Tournaments have been postponed, the World Karate Championships in November are still on as of this moment. Abbas is hoping everything will be able to work out once guidelines are being followed so everyone is safe.

“We have to maintain social distancing and I think we’ll return once we have vaccines available to prevent the virus. I am very hopeful that we’ll be back soon,” Abbas went on to say.

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