Rumble Johnson & Paulo Costa Trade Barbs Over Recent Comments

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Paulo Costa are going back-and-forth on social media.

Costa is coming off a second-round TKO loss to Israel Adesanya. It was a failed bid on Costa’s end for a run with the UFC Middleweight Championship. Following the title fight, Johnson blasted Costa for the way he reacted to Adesanya’s post-fight celebration. “The Last Stylebender” went behind Costa and proceeded to “ride” him.

This is what Johnson said on Mike Swick’s podcast (via MMAMania).

“Stylebender was serious, Costa came in thinking that he’s just a white belt, he’s nothing, he’s skinny. Hey, being skinny has its advantages, dude. I don’t understand all of a sudden either why Costa is getting so upset after he saw what Stylebender did to him, you know? I was like ‘Dude, you were the one talking so much and then he gets you at the end and now you mad? Because he embarrassed you? Come on man, grow some balls. Man up to that.’ It is what it is. You can’t demand a rematch either after a performance like that either. That’s not smart. That’s not gonna sell for sure.”

Costa was none too pleased with “Rumble’s” words and he fired off a response on Twitter.

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson shut up moron you even don’t know which weight class you should fight.”

Johnson didn’t stay silent and decided to fire off his own verbal jabs.

“I don’t do the talking back and forth but the last BBC you did that to f*cked your ass at the end DOGGY STYLE. Now your name is LOOSE BOOTY  You must want missionary next by me?  I respect you but make sure you know your role… I’m not the 1 kid.”

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