Stephen Thompson talks about Karate’s place in MMA

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson is such a prolific striker that Georges St-Pierre once called him the "best striker he’d ever trained with." Thompson, who trained with MMA greats like GSP and Chris Weidman to help them prepare for fights against dangerous strikers, stopped by FOX Sports’ Deep Waters Podcast to talk about his Karate background and making it work in the cage.

To be sure, Thompson is confident in his stand-up striking. However, taking the kicks of karate and implementing them in MMA, where opponents can take you down and continue fighting on the ground, is something that was once thought impossible.

Fighters like Lyoto Machida began to change that, a decade ago. Thompson continues that evolution.

Karate works in real fighting, if you’re good enough at it, he’s found, and if you learn how to adapt it.

"I started when I was three. I know Lyoto started when he was very young. Same thing with Gunnar Nelson, and these karate fighters who are bringing karate back," he explained. "They’ve been doing it for a very long time so they know what techniques work in a real situation, and what doesn’t.

"It’s just doing it over and over and over again and being confident in your techniques and what you’re using. … It takes a very long time to understand it and use it in a practical situation. It’s just time, man."

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