Tank Davis Stops Frank Martin In The Eighth

Gervonta Davis knocked out Frank Martin in round eight to retain his WBA Lightweight Title. 

It was Davis’ first fight in 14 months since stopping Ryan Garcia as he delivered on the biggest stage. Both fighters started cautiously, with feints and jabs. Martin landed a right hand on the body, but Davis countered with his jab. Martin’s left countered a body jab from Davis. Davis connected with a right to the body, as Martin started well.

Martin was the busier fighter, but his punches were not landing clean. Davis inched closer, landing a sharp right to the body. A left hand excited the crowd, but Martin was not fazed. The third was a chess battle. Davis was threatening counters whenever Martin threw his jab. He pushed Martin into the corner, landing a left cross.

The tide started to turn as Davis backed Martin into a corner and landed a sharp left hand on the body. Davis pushed Martin back, landing his lead right hook that landed flush. Davis continued with a punishing left hand to the body, forcing Martin to hold again. Davis closed the round with a counter uppercut to the body from Davis, leaving Martin hurt.

Round five saw relentless pressure from Davis’ right. Martin’s frustration mounted as he missed a left hook. Davis stalked Martin from corner to corner, peppering him with body shots. Davis landed a jab as Martin was holding on. The constant threat of Davis’ power completely stifled Martin’s offense, and the pressure became suffocating.

Davis continued his onslaught, landing chopping lefts repeatedly in the sixth. Davis was dominating, and the inevitable happened. Tank landed numerous left hands in the seventh, leaving Martin defenseless. Martin paid for it in the eighth.  Martin was in the corner, as chopping left hands from Tank were hitting him. A big left uppercut shook Martin and another left hand sent him down. Martin got up but could not beat the count, as the fight was stopped. Davis could now target a unification at 135 against Loma or Shakur Stevenson.

Bob Arum has said a fight with Loma could happen in November.

“We have been talking to the PBC people all along we will absolutely resume conversations next week. It won’t be the start of the negotiations. Carl Moretti [of Top Rank] has been talking to Louis DeCubas [of PBC] for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully, we’ll put it together for sometime in November. Nobody is dragging anybody to the table,” Arum said

Davis’ coach, Calvin Ford, has also talked up the fight.

“It’s a great fight. It’s just the heads that need to put the fight together, and it’ll happen. I think that’s a great fight for the world,” Ford stated

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