Tyson Fury’s Cut Could Reopen Against Oleksandr Usyk

Boxing cutwoman Sammy Morris has warned that Tyson Fury’s cut risks reopening in the Oleksandr Usyk fight. 

Fury will face Usyk on May 18 for the Undisputed Heavyweight Title. The fight was initially meant for February 17. However, Fury suffered a deep cut over his right eye in sparring, as the fight was called off. It was the second time Fury had sustained a big cut, the first during his win over Otto Wallin.

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The latest cut was over the same area Wallin had damaged, showing Fury was vulnerable to the area. The cut is expected to take around three months to heal. But Fury did have 11 stitches, showing it may need further time to heal. Morris felt Fury would no longer be the same with the latest cut. 

“If he did that five years ago [against Otto Wallin] and the wound has come open again five years later in exactly the same place then it hasn’t healed properly and now it’s double wound site. He’s been cut and cut again in the same place. It just goes to show that after five years it hasn’t knitted back together. Fury is 35 years old now and it is going to take him almost double the time to heal as someone that is 20 years old. So it will cause him problems and I personally think it will come open in his next fight,” Morris said 

Fury and Usyk are undefeated, so the strategy is all the more important. Fury has been fighting on the front foot since teaming up with SugarHill Steward. That was a departure from his usual boxing and moving style, which secured him the win over Wladimir Klitschko. If the Gypsy King pursues the same style, he risks getting tagged by Usyk’s left hand. If the cut does open, Fury may not be so lucky as he was against Wallin, as the bout should have arguably been stopped. 

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