Garcia Claims Davis Can’t Sell On PPV Without Him

Ryan Garcia has questioned Gervonta Davis‘ status as a PPV star in light of their recent boxing match. 

Their fight sold over 1.2 million PPVs in a boxing match that made the highest gate of 2023, making more than $20 million in the process. Despite losing via a seventh-round body shot, the fight earned Garcia around $30 million. A large part of the huge interest in the fight had been because of Garcia’s crossover appeal, which brought in the casual fanbase. King Ryan’s Instagram following, which amounts in excess of 10 million, played a large part in that. With that being said, Garcia felt Davis could not hit those numbers without him.  

“He’s going to have to come to me. Do you know why? Because he can’t sell pay-per-views. He can’t be a star if he’s doing 150,000 buys [before fighting me]. How can he be a star? I popped him up, remember that. I gave him some stardom. Now, he’s poppin’. You need two fighters to tango.

“So if he thinks he can come back and fight some random dude and do a PPV, he’s not. But we’ll see what he does. “At the end of the day, they are all going to need me, and that’s just facts. I can make way bigger fights than [Davis] than he can make by himself. So he’s going to have to see me for the money because he likes money,” Garcia

Nevertheless, the same argument could be made for Garcia. The fighter did not have a PPV fight prior to the Davis one, whereas the latter has had numerous fights on that basis. At the same time, Garcia’s following fight with Oscar Duarte on December 2nd, 2023, will not be on PPV. Although Garcia did claim that the move was to give back to boxing fans, in reality, it is too early to tell if Garcia can consistently sell on PPV.


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