Ryan Garcia Targets A Tank Davis Rematch

Ryan Garcia has called for another crack at taking on Gervonta Davis following his loss which was the first defeat of his career.

Garcia was stopped in round seven after Davis landed a brutal body shot. The loss, however, raised serious question marks over Garcia’s mentality. There were suggestions that the fighter quit after only getting up once he had been counted out. In addition, Garcia was left to face the media alone after Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins were absent. Thereafter, Garcia changed his trainer by letting Joe Goossen go and working with Derrick James. That was followed up by the suggestion that the 136-pound catchweight and 10-pound rehydration clause had hindered him in the fight. So moving forward, Garcia wanted a rematch at a better weight which was most likely at 140.

“I want to get my rematch at the right weight. He knows it wasn’t who I really was, I’m way better than that, and I’m better than him. I don’t care if he beat me. I’m better than him. Give me my rematch, and I’ll beat him. If I’ve got to go through a Teofimo Lopez or a Devin Haney to get that, then I’m going to do it,” Garcia said

But before that can happen, Garcia must overcome his next opponent in the form of Oscar Duarte. The two fighters will face each other on December 2nd, 2023, which will be Garcia’s first fight under Derrick James. Duarte has stopped his last 11 opponents, which is why the Mexican will pose a tough test. But provided that Garcia wins in style, then a Davis rematch could emerge as the aim was to win in style.

“That loss [to Gervonta Davis] woke something else up, and it’s the worst thing that could happen to all the other opponents that I lost. That’s the worst thing that could happen, and I’m telling you, I’m coming back. They’re going to make a movie out of this, I promise. They’re going to make a movie. ‘This dude just lost but then come back and just takes over the game.’ I’m telling you, I’m sharp right now, sharp, sharp, sharp, and fast. You’re going to see something special. Be there. I’m telling you, watch this fight,” Garcia stated


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