Nate Diaz’s Battery Charge Dismissed

Nate Diaz is no longer subject to criminal proceedings after he was cleared of second-degree battery. 

According to reports, Diaz was involved in an altercation with a Logan Paul look-alike by the name of Rodney Petersen in April 2023. This was in the aftermath of a Misfits Boxing 6 show where Diaz was there to support Chris Avila. However, things escalated as Diaz choked Rodney, who went unconscious.

The video went viral as Diaz handed himself in to the New Orleans Police Department. Thereafter, he was charged with second-degree battery. That could have prevented his fight with Jake Paul from going ahead. However, the MMA fighter still managed to enter the ring as an investigation continued. And now he has been cleared, which will come as a relief, given that Diaz was facing a potential eight years in jail or a $2000 fine. 

“Since Rodney Peterson sought out to fight Nate on Bourbon Street, we have maintained Nate’s actions were 100 percent in self defense. It was clear on the video, clear in pictures and clear from the multiple other videos Rodney posted before and after. Nate has a right to defend himself against those who want to make a name for themselves and did so. We appreciate the Orleans Parish District Attorney taking the time to review all aspects of this case and their decision to not proceed with it,” Zach Rosenfield (Diaz’s representative) said

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