PFL’s Dan Hardy Proposes Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley MMA Clash

PFL’s Dan Hardy has suggested Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley in an MMA fight.

Paul has not made his PFL debut since signing his deal last year. After beating Nate Diaz in a boxing fight, Paul offered Diaz $10 million to make the PFL fight. That broke down as Paul continued with boxing. His next two fights have been planned: boxing fights against Mike Perry on July 20 and Mike Tyson on November 15 will follow.

However, Tyron Woodley could be the right opponent. Paul has boxed him twice, beating him on both occasions. Woodley, therefore, has a following and is known to fans. He is also the former UFC Welterweight Champion, making him a credible name. While he lost his last four UFC fights, he retired in 2021, making him a viable option.

“If we’re doing it, the one that makes the most sense is Tyron Woodley. He’s been commentating with the PFL, he does a great job with that. Every time I see him, we have a very frosty handshake. I feel like he still wants to punch me in the face. Of course, he’s got that knockout loss to Jake Paul. If I’m Tyron Woodley, I’m putting myself at the front of the line to welcome Jake Paul into MMA. I think that’s the kind of opponent Jake Paul could be enticed by,” Hardy said 


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