Update On The World Karate Championships In Dubai

After months of questions surrounding one of the biggest events of the year for karate, a decision has been made by the World Karate Federation.

The Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation held a virtual meeting to discuss the future of karate in 2020. They have decided to postpone the World Karate Championships until next year. The Championships were meant to take place in Dubai From November 7-12. This is due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Karate family is doing incredible work to make the best of these difficult times,” World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinos stated. “We are looking forward to continuing maximizing the many values of our beloved sport, and we hope that we can keep on celebrating the outstanding effects of our discipline in society. While the moment of going back to normal arrives, I am sure that the Karate world will continue to be united and working in the same direction, as we have demonstrated in the past months.”

Additionally, the WKF is working on the remaining calendar for this year. The opportunity to revise the 2021 and 2022 calendars was also discussed.

Over the past few months, the coronavirus forced the Karate 1-Premier League in both Madrid and Rabat to be canceled, as well as the Karate 1-Series A event in Istanbul. The WKF has met multiple times to discuss health and safety guidelines, which was done at the beginning of the pandemic. New guidelines will be created shortly for organizations to continue competition in the safest way possible.

Other important topics that were discussed include karate’s influence during the 2020 Olympics, now set to take place in 2021. How to handle the rankings and recognizing the Youth Olympic Games and the WKF Youth Camp’s were also discussed.

Stay tuned, as more information is set to be revealed regarding karate in 2020.

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