Colby Covington Didn’t Break Jaw At UFC 245, ‘Trolls’ Want To Downplay His Success

Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman held arguably one of the most spectacular title fights in the history of the welterweight division at UFC 245.

Both grapplers respected their ground game skills and held the fight on the stand. They kept exchanging bombs for the whole fight.

But at the end of the fourth round, Covington thought he had broken his jaw. Usman earned a TKO victory in the fifth round after landing brutal punches to his rival’s face. The broken jaw claim would coincide with the narrative of Usman’s win.

But Covington said it was one of the worst photoshop in sports history.

“It was one of the worst photoshops in the history of this sport,” Covington told ESPN. “Someone went and took an image off Google, they put my name on it, ‘Colby Covington.’ And first off, if you ever see an x-ray film, it never will read your name straight across. It’ll look backwards. And they photoshopped the image. The front tooth had a cap on it. Do I have caps on my front teeth? I don’t think so.”

Photo: MMA News

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Covington said the trolls did it – the people who “hate” his success.

“They want to downplay my accomplishments. And the media ran with it, ‘Oh, broken jaw. It wasn’t competitive,’” he added.

“So nothing was broken. The only thing that was broken was Marty’s pride that night,” Covington said. “Because he doesn’t want to run this back in round 2 and he got forced to.”

“Marty” is Usman’s nickname. Usman’s wrestling coach had trouble pronouncing his first name, Kamarudeen, so he got the nickname “Marty” and it stuck with him throughout his amateur wrestling career.

Usman “The Nigerian Nightmare” remains as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. He defeated Masvidal twice and Gilbert Burns after defeating Covington.

Their rematch takes place on November 6 in Madison Square Garden.

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